Universal Reversal

Music is where it all started with Squank Entertainment, which has been a RIAA registered record label since 2001. Founder James Michael House began writing and producing music at a young age, making producing music through the company a natural progression.

The first project to emerge was "Universal Reversal". A freestyle jazz fusion album featuring guests like Joseph Wooten and Don Latarski playing along side James Michael House (JMH) and others. The music production was fatefully scheduled months in advance for the week of Sept. 10th-14th, 2001. With musicians in from out of town, the 9/11 terroist attacks became an unforgetable part as everyone pushed forward with the first production of Squank Entertainment.

Another project came along in 2004 helping singer-songwriter Olen Kent make an acoustic album called, "A Different Cycle". Olen was living in poverty, at the time calling home a storage unit in Eugene. The production was taken on as a chartible project to help an artist of the community in need of an opportunity.

A Different Cycle is a blend of Country, Folk, Rock, and other styles highlighted by Olen's rich vocals and quirky style. It features JMH on the album as a producer and engineer, while also doing the photography and art design on the CD. He played some bass, guitar, and percussion on a few songs as well.

In 2005 the first Squanky Kong  album titled A Brief Trip to Reality was released in the form of an early works compilation bringing together previously unreleased music produced as demos and studio experiments. It would mark the beginning of JMH exploring his creative passion in what would become the flagship project for the company.

Another project was taken on in 2005 as apart of the Independent Artist Alliance initiative and the continuing goal to help independent artists. JMH and Squank Entertainment partnered with White Moon Productions to co-produce Halie Loren's debut pop album Full Circle. The album would be co-produced between JMH and Loren, while being completed in Squank Studios. 

On the tail end of finishing Full Circle, JMH began working on the debut album for Squanky Kong, the 2008 release Under a Raven's Review. This ambitious album was meant to launch SK as the flagship brand of Squank Entertainment. Impacted by the 2007-08 recession, causing key financing to fall-through, the final product and release of the album never reached the heights originally planned. Though it still played a critical part in continuing to develop Squanky Kong.

It would be 2015 when the next Squank Entertainment production would come about with the Squanky Kong EP "Imminent Insurrection". A raw production done with minimal resources in a North Hollywood California rehearsal studio. This production would be in conjunction with a renewed effort to forming a live Squanky Kong show and touring band.

In 2019 the production would begin for the most ambitious produciton to date. With sessions spanning between Oregon, Los Angeles, and even Nashville, it would raise the bar on any previous Squank Entertainment project previously. Featuring various new talents recruited in Los Angeles, special guests, and grammy award-winning engineers . The Squanky Kong album Dawn of the Cataclysm saw a digital distribution release in the fall of 2021, receiving positive reviews across the board.




Label Discography

Artist Title Year
[Project Alpha:] Universal Reversal Universal Reversal 2003
Olen Kent A Different Cycle 2004
Squanky Kong A Brief Trip to Reality 2005
Squanky Kong Under a Raven's Review 2008
Squanky Kong Imminent Insurrection 2015
Squanky Kong Pressure Tank 2020 (Single) (Music Video) 2021
Squanky Kong Dawn of the Cataclysm 2021